Screw On Racing Speed Disc Fitting

Screw On Racing Speed Disc Fitting

Looking to add that cool Salt Flat Racer look to your Volksrod or custom project. Speed disks are a great way to achieve this. If you want total authenticity the Screw on Speed disk is the disk of choice for you, availabel from 8"-27" in genuine Spun Aluminium from the masters of hot rodding at mooneyes. Limebug brings you the Original Salt Flat Speed Disks. Fitting Info Below

Job Information

  • Parts needed: Screw on Speed Disk Fitting

  • Tools used: Drill, Sealant, Marker Pen, Speed Disks, Fitting Kit

  • Skill level: 2/5

  • Time taken: 2-3 hours

  • Cost DIY: £140.00+ for parts and materials

  • Cost Pro: approx. £260.00+ for parts and labour

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