Air Ride FAQ's

Air Ride FAQ's

Common FAQ’s

What is the maximum drop?
    The kit is designed to be limited by the shocks compressed length to just fully compress at the point where your spring plate hits the upper cup where the bump stop
    would originally land. The compressed shock length we supply is 222mm Eye-Eye. If you want a shorter shock and a single bellow bag we sell these also and they are interchangeable.
    The kit has the full capability to sit the running boards on the floor with no issue. The reason we use a shock of this size is firstly safety, and two you can still roll with no air pressure.

Does the kit add restriction on tyre, wheel size?
    The mounts are all mounted behind the inner wings, there is no restrictions over factory fitment. The lower mounts sit behind the spring plate so if you have a wide back spaced wheel
    it will hit the spring plate before it can hit the lower mount.

Do I remove the torsion bars?
    Yes, remove both the front and rear completely. The weight of the vehicle will be carried entirely by your air system from here on.

Can I still run heaters?
    Currently not, the kits main fixing points pass by the stock air outlets, however with an amount of ingenuity and moving the heater outlets slightly it is certainly possible.

How does it ride?
    The ride is in my opinion not noticeably different to a normal lowered beetle. If I lean on my front wings they have the same feel and stiffness as it did running the Spax Static
    dropped before. Also the rear feels the same, I still drive the 1300 in my ’66 flat out round every corner and it stays level.

What are the lifting pressures?
    The lift pressure on this kit is around 90-105 PSI for the front depending on fuel and how many burgers you’ve had, the rear is more like 70-80 PSI. This is largely down to
    the air space in a shock being less than the Twin Bellow bags on the rear.

What air systems can I use?
    All the kits we build and retail use ¼” line for two reasons. One is that all systems use this, from Airlift, to Accuair, Ridetech, etc. the second is that you get a better overall ride.
    If you imagine the airline as an extension to the shock / bags air capacity, having a larger bore line makes the air quicker to move up/down as there is a larger path for the air to
    move it also means the air can compress and expand over a larger area when driving, making a softer ride. We feel it is better to use the shock or bag capacity alone to control the height.
    This gives a feel not dissimilar coilovers.

Why 4-Valve not 2-Valve?
    First and most obvious is safety, sounds cheesy but if you do have a failure for any reason, it’s a lot easier to drive on 3 than 2. It pretty much never happens but it’s a nice feeling
    to know you won’t be stranded. The other reason is ride quality. Remember the old hydrolastic suspension systems found on Allegros used a gateway across the width of the car.
    Although it’s great for comfort you end up with massive air shift from left to right resulting in a sort of roll effect. This is stopped completely by 4-Valve as the air cannot move
    left to right as well as front to back improving the ride.

Smart Car Tyres, why?
    Smart car tyres are used commonly on lowered VW’s on the front so to allow steering within the wings on Beetle /Ghias and steer within the tubs on Bus/Vans. The term refers
    to the sizes of the tyres, not if they actually came off a smart car, they are typically 145/65R15, you can get some even skinnier versions but we would not recommend any less than this.

Is there anything else I should consider with Air Ride?

    Dropped Spring Plates:
        It will be a matter of a couple of hundred miles before your mate without them will be spending more on rubber than the cost of the plates themselves.
        The extreme toe-in combined with the camber will chew through tyres in no time.
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Air Ride Fitting Guide:

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