T2 1968-79 "Super Flyer" Gearbox 71.3MPH @ 3,500RPM (002,091)

T2 1968-79 (002,091) "Super Flyer" Gearbox 71.3MPH @ 3,500RPM Need more from your gearbox to keep up with modern traffic speeds, you are not…

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T2 1968-79 (002,091) "Super Flyer" Gearbox 71.3MPH @ 3,500RPM

Need more from your gearbox to keep up with modern traffic speeds, you are not alone.

Pricing based on Exchange! Pickup and Drop Off Service. Need more from your gearbox to keep up with modern traffic speeds, you are not alone.

Wheel Speeds based on an original tyre dimension of 185/80R14 a standard gearbox will achieve the following figures:

Standard Specs (4th Gear)

Our conversion will convert any 3,5 or 6 Rib 1968-79 Gearbox to a "Super Flyer", lowering cruising speed and stretching all gears by a percentage to mean no huge gap between 3rd and 4th, lower RPM means better MPG,and less wear, higher top speed. For full details on other advised upgrades when carrying out a conversion see our tech centre.

Super Flyer Specs (4th Gear)

All gearboxes are stripped completely washed inside and out, powder coated exterior in a choice of colours, new hardware, gaskets and replacement of common fault areas, all gearboxes are serviced fully inside. R&P's used are premium quality.

Each gearbox,is thorougly stripped and any minor repairs carried out and if commonplace machining work is required, also completed. Note if the gearbox is significantly damaged, it may be subject to an additional exchange core.

All gearboxes carry a warranty subject to terms and conditions of 40,000miles or 12 months whichever is first.

Warranty does NOT cover incidental costs such as installation or removal, warranty and guarantee covers the gearbox only, shipping again is not something that service includes so is NOT covered under the warranty, if no fault is located you may be subject to additional costs.

Courier Details

If you have selected for us to arrange moving your gearbox from and to your address please read the following carefully.

This costing structure assumes the following, you are a mainland UK customer, not inc. Scottish Highlands and several other remote locations. The gearbox must be packaged carefully and must not leak when you ship it. You must protect all elements of the gearbox particularly the hockey stick (or shift fork). Use some plastic piping or something similar over this. Wrap the gearbox in a black plastic wrapping and box, make sure you pack the gearbox tightly to reduce the possibility of in transit damage. Note this service assumes for all swing axle gearbox customers that the axles have been removed!

Each gearbox will be inspected carefully once arriving at Limebug. Please note you must follow the above steps to avoid any further incurred charges we may get from our courier (UPS). These will be passed onto you directly should this occur.

If you are unsure and want to check anything prior to packaging your gearbox please contact us first on 01782 922047.

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