T1 1971-79 1302 & 1303 Beetle Deluxe Complete IRS Air Ride Kit (Bolt on)

T1 1302/03 1971-79 Beetle / Ghia Complete IRS Air Ride Kit (Bolt on) The Ultimate Aircooled VW Bolt on Air ride system, the industry leading T1 Beetle…

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T1 1302/03 1971-79 Beetle / Ghia Complete IRS Air Ride Kit (Bolt on)

The Ultimate Aircooled VW Bolt on Air ride system, the industry leading T1 Beetle / Ghia Air Suspension Option

Looking to lower you Aircooled Volkswagen the right way with air suspension. Look no further. 

Limebug is the only Aircooled VW specialist offering fully bolt on, true air systems (this means we do not utilise any of the original torsion bar / coilover system, and give you the full, maximum travel available).

Key Features:

Control your Ride, everywhere!

Simply using our manual paddle valve or digital systems, the kit allows over 7" of travel meaning no problem with steep driveways, speed bumps, cats eyes, potholes, rutted fields, getting on and off a ferry etc etc.

Titan Six-Point Brace System

Uniquely designed using the shock towers for lateral loading and using pre-load bars to the gearbox mount along with a cupped mount around the torsion tube housing. This system allows pre-load and left-right and front-back tweaks. This system prevents ""creep"" and chassis movement by adding strength to the existing structure in the same way as a strut brace.


No compromise, drop it to the deck design, you may wonder if the design of this kit restricts upper and lower travel, the answer simply is no. This kit will drop the spring plate (if notched or stepped) to bottom out metal-metal on the upper chassis bump stop with the rubber removed. Trust us, that is low.

Save your Fulcrums and Bearings

Commonplace faults with static lowering your vehicle is chewwing up fulcrum plates and wheel bearings from oil starvation, as well as tyre wear from continuous toeing in. Air ride gives you the ability to adjust the ride height to give you the best of both worlds, slam it for the shows, daily drive it in absolute comfort.

Bolt on also means, Bolt Off

So keep hold of your old parts, if you have enough of the car or want a new one, sell the kit on or transfer it, no need to re-buy.

Upgradable by design

our system is designed and configured to work with Manual paddle air systems, solenoids and the Digital Management systems from all leading manufacturers, as long as you are looking to use imperial 1/4" line a Limebug air system will work.

Straight out the Box

All kits come Powder Coated in a thick hard wearing Gloss Black, all hardware required to fit to any stock Beetle or Ghia is included. The only optional extras we offer are notched spring plates which we do recommend but are not essential in order to fit the kit if you intend to drive around at close to stock height normally.

Simple Installation

the kit can be installed in 2 days with no issue and moderate experience, we provide a full online pdf step by step tutorial, an online video guide and are available on the phone 10:00-18:00 weekdays.

Air Management

4-Valve Manual Air Management. Ultising a 4 gallon tank, twin dual needle gauges, air cut off switch. Our kit uses Viair 380c compressor available also as a dual kit. Fit the manual paddle gauges in the dash or glovebox. Comes with Stainless mounting plate. All gauges use 1/4"" line.

Front System Details:

These air struts are compatible with all macpherson strut front ended Aircooled VW's. We can build the struts to the height of your choice. Note if you do have the shocks very low you may find your track rods hit on the inner wings and require a small notch.

All struts are fully bolt on and come with adapters for 1/4" air line.

Damping rate can be fully adjusted on each shock independently, shocks will come pre-painted in a silver /grey.

Please note these do not work under any circumstance on T2 buses.

- There are two configurations of front struts, you will need to select which style you require.

2 Bolt Style

This fixing style is a sideways mounted strut (similar to a MK2 Golf). And has a camber adjustable slot pre-cut into the fixing plates.

3 Bolt Style

This fixing style mounts vertically straight down through the the carrier / hub and down through the ball joint. Note for this style of shock the studs will come pre-welded onto the flange. This makes installation simple and quick. Note: this style strut is not camber adjustable.

Rear System Details

The Limebug rear air ride kit is the only air system that is fully bolt on with almost no compromises. You do not need to remove the body from the chassis. This kit will bolt straight on to any completely stock VW Beetle / Ghia.

All you need to know to get started is the following, you will need to be able to remove your engine/ gearbox and will have to remove the heat exchangers from your engine and replace with J-Tubes and then in some cases move your rear brake lines. That's it!

Want to know the travel, the rear kit is restricted only by the spring plates (which we offer as an optional extra on here). These dog leg around the chassis stops giving you even more lows and the second thing is the compressed shock length which for the rear kits we provide as standard at 255mm compressed.

VW Beetle Rear Air Ride Kit - Fitting / Installation Video Guide (Vehicle in video is 1966, This is swing axle model, however principle of fitting follows the same lines, only thing to note is that the airbags must be fitted to the upper cradle when it goes in as access is limited once installed)

Optional Extras

 - 2" Dropped Air Plates: These plates will increase the amount of drop you can achieve and resolve toeing in issues at low running heights. They also have recently recieved an update which now means they run a shorter bore tube stopping rubbing on the outer torsion cover and use 2" Inner Diameter bushes making them overall much stiffer and give better feel to the rear end.

 - Year Options: As standard we make the late post 1959 air ride kit, if you require a kit for an early vehicle running short axles (straight shock mounts), select this from the dropdown menu.

 - Skid Plate: Protect your framehead with our made to fit any year/ model and beam skid plate.

 - Management: Pick from 4 valve manual controls, air pressure sensitve digital systems or ride height intelligent systems.

Additional Documents

Air Ride Fitting Guide
Air Ride FAQ's

Please note: This Kit is made for off-road use only therefore NO Warranty or Guarantee is issued or implied.

Important Operational Info: Must Read!!!

When operating your air ride kit, you must understand that you now have total free range to move the suspension to its mechanical upper and lower limits. The air bags used are strong enough to lift the weight of almost two Beetles per bag. In order to maintain be sure never to exceed the mechanical limits of your vehicle.

For Link Pin front setups, with no mechanical restriction be aware over pressurisation will cause the shock to foul the front trailing arm. Be sure to inspect the vehicle with the wheels off and run the car through the travel noting the upper limit PSI, be sure also to never try and collapse an air shock with 0PSI, this will force the rubber bag sleeve between the shock body and cause chaffing/ cutting. 

For Ball Joint front setups using standard front shocks, be aware to tie back the air shock pipe running on the lower line to avoid chaffing and insure you have adequate clearance for the upper rubber bag under expansion. Again, note upper and lower limits as with the Link Pin models.

Also consider with Ball Joint models, when you reach the mechanical limit of your Ball Joints you will risk damage by adding more pressure. 

If running T1 rear air kit, be aware of your steel and rubber bump stops, once you hit these the kit has nowhere to go and you will only apply more stress to the kit, the first sign you will get is a twist in your lower brackets, if you continue to apply pressure after this point you will cause more damage to surrounding areas. Again, to set up this area as with the front, have a friend monitor the height of the rear of your car when you do initial setup. 

Also at this point consider that swing axle vehicles will lift considerably higher as soon as they move once air'd up due to the camber of the rear axle. When setting your ride heights do so applying pressure then drive the vehicle around approx 10-20 metres to allow the axles to re-settle then tweak and repeat until satisfied.

When Jacking the vehicle up always place the vehicle onto ramps or a jack, then let all the air out of the four corners to avoid an over pressurization situation when lifting the vehicle, then lift the vehicle off the ground afterwards.

If ever leaving your vehicle with a garage or MOT centre unfamiliar with air suspension, make them aware of the upper limits and inspect before and after picking the vehicle up to check for damage.

Always operate between 90-95% of the upper range NEVER 100%. As a general guide line rear kits rear their upper limits at approx 90PSI. The front around 130PSI. If you exceed these limits you WILL cause long lasting damage to the air ride kit brackets / trailing arms / shocks / Hardware.

If you drive the vehicle excessively low you will cause damage to your front axle / beam trailing arms along with the frame head. Always lift the car up to a suitable drive height and maintain air and mechanical joints and unions. 

One final note if you put in a really high pressure and rear the mechanical limits be aware you will be damaging the vehicle even for a very short burst. Be careful and considerate to your air kit and you will enjoy many, many miles of hassle free driving fun.

If you are in any doubt and have a kit or considering purchase of a system and need more information, call us on 01782 922047 or email on: vwparts@limebug.com

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